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One stop Design and Development partner for elevating your solutions and Ideas

An innovative and dynamic studio, we're crafting the next era of design. Every ambitious entrepreneur and business we engage with brings us one step closer to that future. With youthful energy and a progressive mindset, we redefine design standards for every aspiring brand and visionary we serve.

What we offer

UX strategy

Our UX Strategy service bridges user needs with business goals, offering deep user research, competitor analysis, and tailored product roadmaps. We enhance your digital product's value, ensuring it stands out and meets both user demands and business objectives.

UX & UI Design

Our UX/UI Design service transforms ideas into intuitive digital experiences, blending in-depth user insights with visually stunning interfaces. We ensure your product is both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, setting the standard in design excellence and user engagement.

Salesforce UX

Our Salesforce UX Design service offers tailored solutions that harmonize with the Lightning Design System (LDS). We expertly customize LDS while crafting unique design systems, ensuring your Salesforce platform is both functionally robust and aesthetically aligned to your brand's essence.

Identity Design

Our identity design service is about more than just logos. We craft a complete brand story, building guidelines that ensure consistency and resonance. Dive deep into the ethos of your brand with us and make every touchpoint a memorable expression of your identity.


We provide a comprehensive development service spanning from mobile apps to web applications and products. Our team crafts cutting-edge solutions, tailored to your needs, ensuring seamless functionality and exceptional user experiences across all digital touchpoints.

Digital Marketing

Unveil your brand's digital potential with our comprehensive marketing solutions. From SEO and content strategies to social media mastery and PPC campaigns, we ensure your message resonates with the right audience. Drive growth, foster engagement, and build lasting brand relationships.

A few experiences we are proud of

Research and strategy for an AR based product discovery.

UX for frictionless experience shopping app via Self checkout

Product UX for a comprehensive eCommerce component library. 

Tailor-made approach for scale, success and growth


Hellos, intros, scoping - setting the path to success

There is enough market research data that talks about why projects fail if we start jumping to execution without understanding what we are executing. Discovery is the stage that we have as a mandate to collect information about everything that you have, want, and need. This process of discovery usually takes a week to a month, or longer, depending on the scope of your project. The outcome can be anything from a requirement document to simple wireframes, but everything aligns with your goals and end-user needs.


Ideas, mood boards to final design - get only the best

This is the stage where we take things from documents and whiteboards to prototypes. Depending on the complexity of the project and the target audience, we tailor-make the design process to fit your needs. Complex enterprise systems need a lot of flows, usability, and technology to be considered, whereas small mobile apps, e-commerce sites, websites take the shortcut of applying the process and getting into the final UI, defining design system, making iterations and delivering with your brand guidelines.


Good design comes to life only with proper code

Now that we've essentially solved the problem and created a design that meets all of the criteria, it's time to give it some life and put it to use. Only when the front-end developer also knows the design can it be translated into a viable product. Padding, colour, icon style, and everything else in the design has a reason, and our in-house developers know what that reason is since they've created tonnes of fantastic UI for a variety of clients. At Index, your vision becomes a reality- exactly as you envision it.

We've made a mark across domains.

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