Mobile application for ordering photo prints, gifts,
mugs, framed prints and more


Mobile application for ordering photo prints, gifts,
mugs, framed prints and more

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Ideation, UX Strategy, UX Design, Visual Design


the brief

providing a strategic direction through collaboration to
deliver envisioned result

We had a new client approach us with an idea for an all-in-one printing solutions app for both Android and iOS. The app would make it possible for users to order photo prints, large sized prints, framed prints, gifts, mugs and many more. Their strategy was - to make a complete app for all printing purposes instead of a standalone app for a single purpose. The app needed to be comprehesive in terms of features and it had to cater both to the global and local user base.

The client wanted a seamless user experience where the user did not just make one purchase of photo prints; the design and experience had to be done in such a way that it would be a memorable experience for him from start to finish. The app had to satisfy the users need to easily import his photos and print those photos onto mugs, framed prints and other products, viewing ther orders, easy modifications and checking out printers and pricing

the process

Just as usual, the project kicked off with a stakeholders meeting, where we were briefed on the idea of the project and all the features that it would come with. We were given the requirements and a skeleton structure of the app work flow. At the studio, we took the strategic approach to the brief posed to us - we did a through analysis of the requirements and came up with different use cases and modified the work flows as needed. It was a collaborative approach with the client where we involved them at all stages of the project. We made story boards of the whole process, went through multiple iterations with the clients till we froze on the flows. It was a direct jump to the visual design of the app, where we provided the clients with multiple options till they approved of the final designs.

the results

From the beginning of the project to the final end result, we took a strategic approach to the project given to us. We have to say this was a fun and interesting project, where we thought of the many ways we could enhance the user experience and probable features for the app. This project was a complete collaboration with the clients, where their feedback, be it good or critical was taken in to account to come up with the final solutions. It was a challenge and a rewarding one for us at the studio, as the client was pleased with our thought process, our approach to collaborate with them and a timely delivery of the project.