Web application to manage all social engagement
of organization from a single point


Web application to manage all social engagement
of organization from a single point

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Ideation, UX Strategy, UX Design, UI Development


the brief

from an one liner requirement to a comprehensive product - end to end UX

When technology meets design and work together, the users get the best output. Yes, this is what happened when we were chosen to help a technology company for a product idea they envisioned. Our client, a 50 - 200 member company with expertise in technology, with a suite of products, planned to develop a software product to help all their banking customers. The product idea was to bring all social media of an organization onto one platform and manage them all seamlessly from a single application.

The client wanted us to work closely with understanding their product and marketing plan. The challenge was to elaborate a single page requirement to a full length product flow, making strategic plans to detail out requirements, and making necessary documentation helpful for management to get a visual clue of product flow. The client had also put a challenge to achieve the goal in a limited time span.

the process

detailed stake holder sessions to get deeper insights on audience and business model

Designing the interface and addressing the challenges is the process which is obvious but what matters mainly is - “how to do it?” When the client engaged us with project, they didn’t have much idea on how and what exact features they wanted. All the client had was a strong business requirement for selling this product to their existing customers.

We started by looking at the functional flows of the competitors, studied the basic brief given by the client and with multiple sessions with the stake holders, we came up writing the requirement document. Since strategic solutions are key to a product we involved ourselves from the beginning to the final delivery.

With few levels of iteration on the functionality, we now had a clear picture on what was happening with the product. Our next step was to show the clients how it worked, After that, we gradually proceeded to story boarding the flow of the application and delivered an interactive prototype to the client.

Long interactive sessions and feedback from various management minds had finally helped in freezing the product flow. Our visual design guys jumped into picture to amaze the clients with some awesome visuals. An iterative approach, with options was delivered, finalized and the visual design was completed. Our dev guys made the fluid layout HTML for the entire product and it was done.

few glimpses of what all is done

From the beginning to the final end results and delivery of the product, we went through a step-by-step process. We took care of the
product from the start; by making the requirement document for the complete product, went through sessions of ideation and con-
ceptualization, drew the complete work and process flows, and coming up with effective and easy to use visual design along with the
interaction. This was a whole new challenge for us and we are proud we came out strong after this project. The clients appreciated our
efforts for the timely delivery of the project and for the user friendly and clean design.