iOS and Android medical platform for doctors,
patients and facilities


iOS and Android medical platform for doctors,
patients and facilities

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Ideation, UX Strategy, UX Design, Visual Design



A client came to us with the requirements for a comprehesive medical mobile app for doctors and patients. This location based app was a complete medical application in which doctors will be able to register themselves, display their specialities, and show their availability. Through the app they will be able to chat with patients, pull up medical records which are stored online and give a diagnosis if possible. On the patient front, they will be able to store their medical records online, search for and get in touch with doctors to schedule appointments, chat with them and also search for nearby facilities like clinics, labs, pharmacies etc. As described, it is a complete app linking doctors to their patients and also make it easy for patients to find the appropriate doctor for their needs.

The client needed a clear and concise user experience for the app; the app had to be simple and easy for any person to easily navigate through and find whatever was needed. And yes, we rose to the occasion and gave what the client needed from us.

the process

elaborate discussion and agile process to define
and design a robust platform

The client provided us a with a document with all the specifications of the app. We then had an intensive discussion with them related to the document to get a better understanding of the features. We had a back and forth exchange with the client along with calls to to lay down the final and any new specifics added to the app. We then started working on the process flows based on the specifications. We shared wireframes and interactive prototypes for some of the major top level process flows with the clients to help them understand the flow of the app. Through many exchanges and iterations, we finalized the complete process flow and then moved on to creating the visuals. We chose to go with a clean and clear visual design, also creating some custom icons and illustrations in the process.

the results

We love challenging and exciting projects here at the studio. So when this project came to us, we took up the challenge and came up with the best solution for it. From a specifications document, to intense question and answer sessions with the client, to mapping the flows and building prototypes, we did it all. The client appreciated the efforts we put in for the project and equally impressed with the final output we gave them. At the studio, when the client is happy with the results, we are a proud and happy team for having served the clients requirements successfully.