A financial and receipt management application
for consumers and retailers.


A financial and receipt management application
for consumers and retailers.

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Ideation, UX Strategy, UX Design, UI Development


the brief

designing a stratightforward and easy to use application
for customers and retailers to use.

Our client, BITMIN came back to us after we successfully completed a identity and website design service for them. This time it was an application for customers to manage their finances and file for reimbursements and make claims. This was the first part of the application where we were required to give a simple and easy UI for customers to login and view all their financial transactions. They would also be able to view their expenditures, pending claims and requests and download reports and analytics. We were also requested to make one page website highlighting the features of the application.

The second part of the application was to design and develop a receipt management system for merchants/retailers. Through the application the merchants can view and manage their customer base, design and send out campaigns, keep track of all customer transactions and loyalty/reward points and view analytics and reports.

the process

understanding the needs of the user and designing an
effective and visually appealing application

It all started with a call from our client telling us about the idea. We had interactive session with the client wherein he explained the idea of his product and we asked our questions to understand the complete picture of the application. At the studio we drafted the requirements document; our thoughts and ideas for the application along with a tentative list of screens and flows.

We did a brief work flow session, after which we jumped to the visual design of the application. It was a straightforward template based UI. We had a back and forth exchange with the client at all stages of the design process. After a few iterations, the design was approved and our dev team started the development of the app.

While the development on the first app was happening, the second retailer app also began taking shape. The client sent us quite a few ideas and concepts, after which we drafted the requirement document. There was a continuous exchange of suggestions on the requirements, process flows mapped and the visual design began.

When the visuals of the application was approved, our dev team worked on the development and completed it in a couple of days. We also worked on a simple one page website for the application, allowing users to login, signup and view a demo of the site. The site also highlighted the features of the application.

few glimpses of what all is done


This was project was one of those quick projects, wherein things had to get rolled real fast. We pride ourselves in working with such
tight deadlines; it sure does help us a grow. Both the applications and website where done in quick session and our development
team ensured they were developed fast. The client was super impressed at our speed of delivery and was happy with the final results of
the application. Another interesting project done and delivered to client satisfaction.