Web based billing and invoicing application
for mid level merchants


Web based billing and invoicing application
for mid level merchants

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Ideation, UX Strategy, UX Design, UI Development


the brief

address the usability and provide an all new
UX direction for the entire product

Our awesome client alacriti has chosen us for one of their product UX-revamp. They approached us with a challenge to examine their existing product which is technically in good shape and so is in terms of business rules. But, the market they target is adapted to the more modern interfaces with rich interactions. The main objective included : understanding the technical constraints, the business logic and also their other products to make sure this new one is line with them.

the process

“Just like any other project that comes our way, this too had a time crunch. Not to boast about ourselves but we handle such situations at ease.If we had to go by the process of making process flows, wireframes, show case them to clients and move on things would have gone past the timelines.

We followed a more simpler approach to justify the design process and also ensure a best solution. All we needed was little background information about the target audience, competitors and the key goals of the product.

We had initial stake holder discussions where we got sufficient data points from marketing, management and also technical team. The next step was to examine the whole application and list the usability pain points. Using these points we suggested a enhanced flow addressing the issues.

Now we have the flow in hand, so did not waste time on wireframing but rather moved to final visual design. The final delivery included a full responsive HTML fluid appication design.

the results


Understanding an existing product and building the UX for the entire product in a short time span was a good challenge for us. Due to the time constraints, we made sure we followed a simpler approach to the design process, which helped us deliver a neat solution. By addressing the usability issues, and building straightforward visuals to the complete application, we delivered the project according to the expectations of the client. We as a team were satisfied at the successful completion of another project.