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UX design, better known as User Experience design is seen today as a methodology to design a complete, usable product. When a client
comes to us for the UX of a product, we take time and sit with them and understand their business goals and requirements. We
question, listen and get to know everything about the client’s and stakeholder’s vision.

At the Studio, we then sit down, gather all the data we have with us and turn it into a easy to follow requirement doc and kick start our
process. We brainstorm and ideate on various solutions to the given problem. We work on process flows, personas (if required) to get a
better understanding of how the product will come about. We then build wireframes and prototypes and keep iterating on them with
the client with their views and feedback.

UI Design/Visual Design

What we mean
when we say
Visual Design

UI design or Visual Design involve providing a clean and concise
design of the experience defined. We translate all the business
goals, the client’s vision and requirements to a rich interface
application (RIA).

While working with Visual Design, at the Studio, we ensure stay
updated and work with the latest trends in interactions, visual
layouts and guidelines. We are strict with detail when it comes to
visual design and we aim to deliver only the best to the client.

We are as ambitious as our clients and that’s why every problem
that comes through to our studio goes out with only the best
service and craftsmanship.

This remains our standard process for all projects that come to us.
We may tweak our processes depending on the needs of the
client; no client is the same, no requirement is the same, so we
ensure we adjust our process as needed.

What we deliver

ent to end

Complete end-to-end UX
strategy and design for the

ent to end

Wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes,
as the project demands.

ent to end

Complete visual design/UI
of the product with all the
visual assets,

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