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A great identity/logo design is an integral part of any business. At the studio, not only do we design the best identity for our clients, but
we also sit with them, talk to them, understand their needs and work with them as we develop their logo/identity. A logo is important to
any business, and we ensure we give out just the best to the clients. We make sure we are up to date and in tune with the latest trends in
logo and identity design. We do follow a process when it comes to coming up with a logo design, but we do not use the same approach
with all clients. Each client comes with different requirements and we ensure we give each of them the best results.

How we do it

identity design
solutions from
start to finish

understand client’s vision

Talk to clients, understand their needs and the
audience they cater to, to get an understanding of
their business. We later do a competitive analysis
with other similar brands to understand the market
trends and styles.

conceptual sketching and ideation

We come up with concepts, sketch ideas and sit on
brainstorming sessions with the entire team to
come up with options. We keep iterating at this
stage till we come up with multiple options and

multiple design options

The design stage is where we make a few options of
the logo, work on colours, the fonts and symbols, if
any has been used. We send out multiple options to
clients, so they can easily choose the one they prefer
and we iterate more on the chosen one, if needed.

align with your business goals

We align with your business, understand the goals
and requirements to come up with the best
possible solution. We collaborate with your teams
from the very beginning of a project, to ensure
everything is in one place.

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