Our Approach to Design

Understanding Client Needs

This is the stage where we engage and get to know the client. Every project is unique, but they all begin the same way; we want to know everything about it. We want to know the business ideals, the vision and the goals of the project. To solve a problem we need to understand everything about the project from every angle.

Research and Ideation

Not all us can come up with solutions within an instant. We all know that the best results and solutions come from doing a thorough research of everything. We go through a well planned ideation, competitor analysis and brainstorming session to come up with initial ideas and concepts.

Building a Strategic Solution

With constant inputs from clients, and our research we start approaching the problem in a strategic manner. Be it any kind of project, our main aim is always user satisfaction. We come up with multiple solutions, iterate on them, build initial prototypes and sketches, work with the clients and build the best possible solution.

The Design Phase

This is the stage where we give life to the solution, visually. We ensure we design as per client requirements and our understanding of their needs. We always send multiple design options to our clients; we do this for all types of projects . We design keeping in mind the latest trends and make sure they are upto client (and our) satisfaction. (If the need for development arises, we provide complete development services to clients.)

Review and Feedback

Once the final design options are sent to the client and the feedback is received, we make the final changes and do a complete review of the project. We take great care when it comes to design and details, and we ensure the final design does not leave with a proper check from our side.

Project Sign Off

Once the client has approved the final design, we provide them with all the design files and assets. Also, in the likelihood of the development of the project, we handover all the coded files to the client. If the client requires our support in the aftermath of the project completion, we gladly help them out with their needs.

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